Episode Summary

Welcome to Limitless B.I., a show that interviews real world, innovative business leaders who strive to see beyond the data to produce tangible results in their organizations using business intelligence.

In this episode, VP of Augmented B.I. for SAP Analytics Cloud, Kate Wright joins the show to talk about her experience with Enterprise Analytics. Kate comments on trends and changes in business intelligence over the past decade, SAP’s vision and strategy for their cloud-based analytics platform and what the future holds for intelligence enterprise.


00:42 – Introducing today’s guest, Kate Wright, who speaks to her background in business intelligence and how Covid-19 has transformed her work with SAP Analytics Cloud

08:44 – Kate shares SAP’s vision for business intelligence and the future of the intelligence enterprise

13:09 – Kate explains SAP’s aggressive strategy in business intelligence, specifically developing a cloud-based analytics platform

16:27 – Trends and changes Kate has observed in business intelligence

19:11 – Kate provides her thoughts on the role of IT in augmented B.I., the emergence of predictive A.I. and where she sees B.I. going in the next five years

24:29 – Kate looks back on what SAP could have done differently with their business intelligence strategy and what the future of augmented B.I. holds

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