Episode Summary

Welcome to Limitless B.I., a show that interviews real world, innovative business leaders who strive to see beyond the data to produce tangible results in their organizations using business intelligence.

In this episode, Chief Strategy Officer at Squirel365, Donald MacCormick, joins the show to discuss his background in product management and product development. Donald speaks to the work he’s doing with end-to-end no code business solutions at Squirrel365 and why he believes it is critical to make these solutions easy and fast to access, utilize and implement. Donald provides his thoughts on the relationship between business intelligence and operational applications and what he sees as the future of B.I.

Key Takeaways

00:41 – Introducing today’s guest, Donald MacCormick, who shares his background in product management, product development and his experience working with no-code tools

05:59 – Donald speaks to the work he’s doing with no-code tools at Squirrel365

11:09 – The relationship between Business Intelligence and Operational Applications

17:54 – Instant Return on Investment (ROI)

22:05 – Donald speaks to the exciting future of B.I.

Tweetable Quotes

“The idea that somehow all this information people should get by having a tool and digging for themselves is not the right way to do it. We all, end users, need interfaces that are easy to use so that they can just get at this data and can use it.  I coined a phrase, ‘They should be able to get in, get what they need, get out and get on with their jobs as quickly as possible.’” (04:39) 

“The appreciation for how important data analytics is has grown over the years.” (07:39) 

“One of the first ones they did was a Covid dashboard that had to be used in the medical environment by people who were technicians, nurses, doctors. The last thing in the world these people need to do is worry about how to get data. They need an interface that minimizes the time they are in the interface and maximizes the time they are with patients.” (16:13) 

“One thing we have to be clear about is that these systems are never done. Business Intelligence systems are never finished because businesses keep changing. You have to accept that you’re gonna have to iterate and throw things out that you’ve done before.” (21:18)  

Resources Mentioned

 Limitless BI Website – https://limitlessbi.com/

Donald’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/donaldmaccormick/?originalSubdomain=uk 

Squirrel365 Website – https://squirrel365.io/