Episode Summary

Welcome to Limitless B.I., a show that interviews real world, innovative business leaders who strive to see beyond the data to produce tangible results in their organizations using business intelligence. Today Rob Scott, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Smart WFM, joins the show to explore the consumerization of business intelligence solutions and how Human Resource departments across the globe need to leverage these solutions, along with data, to drive value and be successful. Rob discusses the unique mix of business, psychology, technical, and HR experience he brings to his role at Smart WFM. Finally, Rob provides real-world examples of how users are becoming empowered by B.I. tools and speculates on what the future holds for business intelligence.

Key Takeaways

01:00 – Rob Scott joins the show to explain how his background in Psychology, Technology and Business Economics has played a key role in his current role at Smart WFM

06:48 – Technology is not a slave

08:26 – The consumerization of business systems

12:50 – Simplicity vs. complexity

16:09 – Why choice of technology is paramount

18:47 – Examples of users being empowered by B.I. tools

26:27 – Data integration in the HR world

Tweetable Quotes

“This is not just an HR issue. The combination of the human mind and technology spans across all forms of business. And in my current COO role, I see that all the time. It doesn’t matter what part of the business you’re in; how we engage with technology is becoming more and more important.” (06:31) (Rob)

“The notion that digitization is all about empowering employees to do more with the technology, not have more technology, is a fundamental shift that’s taking place.” (11:41) (Rob)

“Design is quite important. And, I think it’s a future skill for any part of the organization where you have capacity to create more personalized technology. Most HR systems and HR vendors have gone down the path of trying to think of every potential option that may be required with building a feature. The problem with that is that very often people look at all these bells and whistles and go, ‘Let me see if I can find a problem that this can solve.’ And the problem may not exist.” (15:08) (Rob)

“For me, this is why I think exposing HR people to easy tools where they can literally create stuff for themselves is something that I think is going to take on a life of its own. And once people understand that and understand how it can integrate with current technology platforms they use, they’ll see the value of being able to do something really quickly and automatically build out that experience they’re trying to build for their employees.” (18:16) (Rob)

“The one thing that the HR world is coming to terms with is that they have to deal with data.” (26:27) (Rob)

Resources Mentioned

Limitless BI Website – https://limitlessbi.com/

Donald’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/donaldmaccormick/?originalSubdomain=uk

Rob’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/robscottinsyd/?originalSubdomain=au

Squirrel365 Website – https://squirrel365.io/

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