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Welcome to Limitless B.I., a show that interviews real world, innovative business leaders who strive to see beyond the data to produce tangible results in their organizations using business intelligence. In this episode, Don Woods joins the show to talk about his experience integrating business intelligence dashboards and creating efficiencies as VP of Client Information Systems at ARI. Don speaks to the rapid growth of the telematics space and explains how ARI is leveraging the power of data to reach new levels of efficiency and value. He talks about the importance of analytics and meeting customer needs. Finally, Don shares his thoughts on the future of business intelligence and the ways to differentiate new technologies within this space.


00:47 – Introducing today’s guest, Don Woods

01:04 – Don speaks to his role at ARI

02:34 – Telematics explained

05:50 – What business intelligence means to Don

07:19 – How business intelligence has evolved at ARI over the years

09:48 – Don speaks to the vendor management dashboard solution that ARI created

14:48 – Meeting customer needs

15:30 – Measuring the results of this business intelligence dashboard solution

16:23 – Challenges ARI has faced while doing business in Germany

18:28 – The role of analytics

19:11 – The Fleet Health Card

23:19 – How Don and ARI built the algorithm necessary to build their predictive model

25:25 – Customer reactions to the new data tools that ARI is developing

26:47 – The prescriptive and human element of business intelligence

31:28 – Other ways to differentiate through vertical markets

33:25 – Future plans for telematics

36:31 – Remarketing

37:42 – What Don believes the ultimate goal for business intelligence will be

41:54 – Don speaks to other technologies such as artificial intelligence

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Links Mentioned

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ARI’s Website

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