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Welcome to Limitless B.I., a show that interviews real world, innovative business leaders who strive to see beyond the data to produce tangible results in their organizations using business intelligence.

In this episode, Managing Director and Founder of Red Olive, Jefferson Lynch joins the show to talk about his experience with predictive artificial intelligence and using data to help businesses and organizations unlock value. Jefferson speaks to the impact Covid-19 has had on his business, the importance of data analytics and the future of business intelligence.


00:42 – Introducing today’s guest, Jefferson Lynch, who speaks to his background in business intelligence and some of the projects he’s been working on with predictive A.I.

08:40 – Trends Jefferson has observed in predictive A.I. and where he sees A.I. fitting into the business intelligence equation

18:38 – Jefferson makes the case for utilizing intelligence automation over artificial intelligence and provides specific examples

21:45 – Where Jefferson sees B.I. going in the next five years

24:58 – Jefferson speaks to the impact Covid-19 has had on his company and how they have pivoted in these difficult economic times

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Limitless BI Website

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