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Welcome to Limitless B.I., a show that interviews real world, innovative business leaders who strive to see beyond the data to produce tangible results in their organizations using business intelligence.

In this episode, B.I. entrepreneur and Chief Strategy Officer at Squirrel365, Donald MacCormick joins the show to talk about his background and experience working in enterprise and desktop software. Donald provides his thoughts on self-service B.I., the cycle of business intelligence and what the future holds for the industry.


00:37 – Introducing today’s guest, Donald MacCormick, who speaks to his background in business intelligence and highlights from his illustrious career

07:10 – Donald breaks down the cycle of business intelligence, technology and IT

12:47 – Donald speaks to why self-service B.I. means different things to different people

17:13 – Acquisitions in the B.I. industry

19:50 – Donald speculates on the future of B.I.

24:29 – Why Excel remains so pervasive and popular

30:19 – Donald provides his thoughts on enterprise reporting systems and the numerous other ways B.I. can be utilized

39:31 – Donald gives his opinion on Covid-19 and the future impact it may have on our world

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Limitless BI Website

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