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Welcome to Limitless B.I., a show that interviews real world, innovative business leaders who strive to see beyond the data to produce tangible results in their organizations using business intelligence. In this episode, Shaun Taylor joins the show to talk about his experience integrating business intelligence dashboards into the educational system. As a former CIO at Tacoma Public Schools, Shaun speaks to the important role that data and metrics have played in the increased graduation rate in his district. Finally, Shaun shares his thoughts on the state of education and the challenges that must be overcome to make a positive change in this human-intensive industry.


01:02 – Introducing today’s guest, Shaun Taylor

01:22 – Shaun’s background with business intelligence and technology

02:37 – Shifting into a second career in education

03:01 – The changes Shaun has seen in the CIO role throughout the years

04:23 – What business intelligence means to Shaun

05:33 – How new business intelligence technologies shape out decision-making

06:47 – How Shaun got involved in business intelligence

07:54 – The multiple challenges Shaun faced as CIO of the Tacoma Public Schools

09:50 – The data challenge

11:10 – The challenges that public school systems face

13:27 – The importance of metrics

15:32 – How long it took to extract business intelligence metrics from the public school system

17:18 – Developing business intelligence dashboards

20:26 – Key factors that drove the actions that led to such a dramatic increase in graduation rates

22:07 – How the outside community impacted the success of Shaun’s business intelligence dashboards

23:15 – How the community, school board, and faculty reacted to this data

25:16 – Shaun speaks to the ripple effect this dashboard has had on other school districts

26:31 – Next steps for the Tacoma School District

29:25 – Next steps for Shaun in his consulting business

31:47 – The challenge to change the education system itself

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